Protective fibers for medical and health purposes

Electrospun polyimide nanofiber aerogel films

The preparation technology

First synthesis of molecular chain segments and soft two different copolymerization polyamide acid, and configured to two kinds of suitable for electrostatic spinning dope, electrostatic spinning technology, nano fiber made by different thickness of polyamide acid membrane, finally through to the solvent, adhesive, fiber and amination, finalize the design, membrane swelling and other heat treatment processing, made hole rate reached 95-98% of the aerogel film.


The main specifications

Thickness: 40 ~ 200 m

Width: 900 ~ 2000m

Length: > 500m

Standards and Certification

Electrospinning Polyimide Nanofiber Aerogel


Fiber properties and product characteristics

High filtration efficiency, large specific surface area, good air permeability and electrostatic adsorption

High strength, abrasion resistance, water - boiling water resistance, long service life

High and low temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance, radiation resistance, good biocompatibility

Essential flame retardant, low thermal conductivity with thermal insulation effect


Dyeing: bright yellow, red, green, blue, black and other colors can be dyed. It is recommended that the temperature of dyeing and thermal setting do not exceed 200℃.



source: China Fibres Fashion Trends