put on a down jacket in winter

The first one: the classic black down jacket is versatile and wearable, creating a fashionable senior style

When it comes to wearing a black down jacket, it's pretty common. Its not only color is classical and contracted, and the sheet that tie-in all sorts of lubricious department is tasted can have very good wear build effect, it is joker very much. The down jacket of brunet department often can give a person a kind from the vision "visual contraction" feeling, itself is very show thin. In addition, wearing a short black stand collar down jacket, with the same color casual pants, the whole can give a cool and sa feeling.


Black down jacket + sweatpants, a black wear to save time and effort, but also to create cool and handsome style


Black down jacket serves as winter more common single article dress, its oneself are very versatile, can match with a variety of style pants. A pair of sport leggings in the same colour and a pair of black trainers make them look tall and slim. Integral whole color collocation is not only classic and can bear to see, and the wear of sports wind is not pick a figure, even if the girl of micro fat also can control freely.

Black down jacket + cream-colored straight pants, contrast color is tie-in more reveal administrative levels feeling, highlight fashionable temperament

If you feel that the black is too dull, you can also choose a matching color to wear, can also wear a very good fashion effect. The pants that resembles black down jacket builds a cream-colored below, the lubricious department of fluctuation depth is contrastive, look very rich administrative levels feels, show fashionable temperament more. In addition, with straight pants can have a slimming effect, and for the legs are not very thin girls are particularly suitable.

A long black down jacket, paired with tights, keeps you warm, tall and stylish

In addition to the short version, the long version is also very common in the winter. Guan xiaotong wore a long black down jacket with a pair of leggings of the same color. He also wore light-colored sneakers. The overall collocation is durable and very tall. In addition, the cyan hoodie that builds inside, also undertake to integral tonal on certain level bright, make the person looks more rich youth and vigor.

Second style: A bright white down jacket, which gives a clean and simple look, looks very high class

Want to say the two most classical basic color system in the daily life, that should belong to black and white two colors. Compared with the dark tone of black, white gives people a brighter and cleaner sense of vision, wear it is to reduce age. Like a pair of black pants or a pair of black pants, it makes for a soft, polished look and a great way to accentuate the high end.

White down jacket + black sweatpants, create a simple movement style, highlighting full of high sense

For girls who prefer a sporty style, opt for a white down jacket with a pair of contrasting black trackpants. The modelling collocation of whole one black one white, already vogue is contracted, still let a person look very ground advanced. Because of the loose version of sweatpants, so when choosing down jacket, it is recommended to choose as short a design as possible, to create a high waist line, from the visual show high and thin.

White down jacket + black wide-leg pants, black and white contrast color more layered, pants loose design is also very fashionable versatile

If you want to wear a pair of sweatpants, you can choose to wear a pair of black wide-leg pants for a better effect. One black one white contrast color collocation, let the whole look very rich administrative levels feeling, very show advanced. In addition, pants wide leg version of the inclusive of the leg figure is also very large, it is very fashionable joker.

White down jacket + blue jeans, make daily casual style, it is to reduce age very much

Besides the lubricious department of black and white is tie-in, resemble white down jacket tie-in classic jeans, not only daily and recreational, and very good to give a person reduce age to feel very. In the choice of jeans, it is suggested that the legs are not very thin girls can avoid the tight version, you can choose more to modify the legs micro horn style, visually can have a very good slim effect.

The 3rd style: noble blue down jacket, give a person very good decrease age feeling, the vision still very show white

Classic gem blue down jacket, often can give a person a kind of noble feeling, and bright tonal also can have certain brightening effect to the skin color of the person, show white still very reduce age. Like Li Qin's blue down jacket is very expensive, with a white baseball cap, more add a bit of youthful spirit.

Blue down jacket + tall waist black straight pants, the collocation of whole appears the person is tall, look very it is youth atmosphere still

Be like this kind of classic blue down jacket, tie-in on black straight leg jeans, whole one bright one dark contrast color collocation attracts eyeball very much, look youth and easy. The high heel boot that the foot steps on is black, the color that ties with straight pants is harmonious, lengthened the scale of the leg ministry on certain level, let a person look more tall carry to show thin.

Long blue down jacket + white dress, give a person wen Wan intellectual feeling, look have temperament very much

The down jacket of haze blue tone is the tone between light and dark, neither too dull, nor too bright eye-catching, after wearing the body can give a person a very comfortable feeling. Be like long down jacket, besides tie-in pants outfit, tie-in skirt outfit also is right choice. Especially tie-in white dress, can let a person look more gentle and easy more.

Style 4: Pair with a red down jacket for a vibrant and powerful look

Red clothes can give a person the most enthusiastic, energetic feeling, in the cold winter wear more let a person shine at the moment. Dili Reba, for example, wore a short red down jacket with a black print hoodie and matching leggings. The overall combination made people look very passionate and energetic, which highlighted their personal aura. Wearing a black baseball cap also adds a sense of cool.

Red down jacket + black boots, look sexy and stylish, but also very slim effect

Like the classic black thigh-high boots in fashion circles, wearing them in winter can keep warm and lengthen proportionally, making them look taller. Its collocation with red down jacket rises, also give a person full fashionable son, look very sexy. In addition, it is suggested that when choosing the version of down jacket, you can choose the short design, which can show the wearing effect of boots very well.

Red down jacket + dark blue jeans, a classic basic style, to create a daily commuting style

Red down jackets can be worn with black pants as well as classic, wearable jeans for a stylish look. When choosing skinny jeans for winter wear, try to wear them in darker colors. In the visual and can be well equipped with a sense of harmony, dark colors can also have a good slimming effect.

Red down jacket + light gray wide leg pants, look with the sex is easy, light and dark tone wear wear still very reduce age


For a casual slouchy look, pair it with a red down jacket and the popular light gray straight sweatpants for a stylish, age-reducing look. Loose straight tube design is very versatile, even if the legs are not very thin girls wear, can also be very slim. A pair of classic small white shoes on the feet gives a very comfortable sense of vision.

source: shen dun sha xian