recycling fabrics and regenerating fibers

By recycling fabrics and regenerating fibers to create environmentally friendly new fabrics, accelerate the important process of environmental protection in the garment industry, and conform to the trend of sustainable fashion. Clothes are also designed to combine past and present, light and shadow, nature and technology to create a vision of a "sustainable" future. With environmental protection as the primary concern, using recyclable and degradable raw materials. Design is not limited to the present, more look to the future.

Fabric composition: 100% cellulose fiber, cellulose fiber/polyester, cellulose fiber/nylon, cellulose fiber /Cordura

Woven/knitted fabric: high density knitted fabric, 3D structure, abstract printing, transparent sense


Neutral colors





Sustainable development has become the mainstream, regenerative style to increase texture and strengthen personality. The pursuit of exquisite ordinariness, simple and smooth lines make the overall shape more simple and pure. Through technological breakthrough, it is possible to recycle cellulose fiber fabric. Starting from green and returning to green, recycling is used, and comfort and beautification are continuously passed on.

Fabric with viscose has good color expression and texture tension, interprets geometry, lines and color blocks, and creates clothing with flexible vitality.

Based on nature and humanized design, the extremely soft texture of cellulose fiber and smooth lines give designers a space for free expression.

source: China fibres fashion trends