Selection, use and management of anti - static wool knitted clothing

In the selection and use of anti-static wool knitted clothing, the following points should be noted:

1. Select qualified and complete anti-static wool knitted clothing with labels.

2. It is forbidden to wear or take off clothes in places with dangerous static electricity (possible fire and explosion).

3. It should be used together with anti-static shoes and other personal protective equipment.

4, not close to the distribution line or electromagnetic radiation.

5, if the wearer in the use of the process of electric shock, or feel electric shock when stripping, and work clothes with a lot of paint, resin, etc., that is not appropriate to wear, should be tested.

6. Avoid mixing with other clothes during washing, and use simple washing method as far as possible, so as not to break the conductive fiber and affect its electrostatic protection performance. Use neutral detergent, do not use strong acid, alkali, water temperature should be below 40 ℃, time as short as possible, but must be fully rinse, to remove residual detergents.

7. If the wool knitted clothing is broken, the conductive wire is broken or has reached the washing time specified in the standard, it shall be scrapped in time.