several dyeing ways of yarn

Yarn dyeing characteristics

In the production of textiles, the dyeing process in which phase, by a number of factors.

From an economic point of view, dyeing is carried out in the front of the weaving process and its cost is the lowest. Yarn dyeing can be carried out in the pre-weaving process, and the dye with good firmness can be selected, and some color flowers can be improved in the subsequent weaving process. Yarn dyeing generally can obtain good solid evenness effect, and can be woven in accordance with the different design requirements of the yarn to obtain higher economic value and shorten delivery cycle, so the product has high reproducibility.


1. Hank dyeing

The yarn is dyed by changing the spun yarn or filament into a wire-linked yarn in the reeling machine, and then the dyeing method of impregnation in various kinds of dyeing machine.


2. Package dyeing

Spun yarn or filament winding on the bobbin that is full of perforation (requires appropriate and uniform winding density, commonly referred to as "the pine cone"), then set in airborne dyeing yarn machine (also known as tablet, stage, the yarn, etc.) in the dye column (also called bamboo yarn, spindle pole, thrust rod, etc.), into the bobbin dyeing machine, the role of the main pump, the dye solution through the loop between the bobbin yarn or fiber, dyeing on implementation for bobbin dyeing.


3. Warp beam impregnation

, according to the requirement of the color fabric warp hue and quantity in loose type the warping machine the original yarn is formed on the coil winding with a hole in the loose type beam (can be seen as a big cheese), it is installed on the load of the dyeing machine yarn machine, and into the beam dyeing machines, through the role of the main pump, the dye solution between the warp beam yarn or fiber through the loop, realize the impregnation, in order to get the color uniform method of warp beam dyeing.


4. Warp beam pad dyeing

The warp beam pad dyeing is mainly used in the processing of denim with white weft. It is to introduce a certain number of thin axis into each dyeing tank, through repeated multi-dipping, multi-rolling, air ventilation oxidation, after the realization of indigo (or curing, reduction, direct, paint) dyes dyeing. After pre-drying and sizing, the warp yarns with uniform color can be obtained, which can be directly used for weaving. The warp beam dyeing trough may be multiple (chip machine) or one (ring machine).


5. Yarn bundle pad dyeing (ball dyeing)

This is also a special dyeing method for denim warp yarns. In the dyeing process, 400 to 500 original yarn bundles are spherical, and then several (such as 12, 18, 24, and 36) strands are repeatedly soaked, rolled and ventilated and oxidized in multiple dyeing troughs to realize indigo dye dyeing before the warp and sizing. The acrylic tow can also be used to pad the yarn.


6. Special yarn dyeing methods

Like fabric, yarn also has local dyeing, such as inking, section dyeing, tie-dye, printing, discharge, gradation and so