Shanghai textile commodity quotation center was established in Shanghai


The opening of the quotation center is an important node of the century development of Shanghai textile group, which marks the inevitable choice of China's transfer from the world processing center to the "pricing center".

Actively explore in the cotton pricing mechanism of market-oriented reforms, to achieve "the court and the otc market, inside dish and outside dish, futures market and spot market" organic combination, make the price real expresses the relationship of supply and demand, to shout out "voice" of Shanghai. On September 20, Shanghai textile commodity quotation center (hereinafter referred to as "the quotation center") was established in Shanghai.

The offer center is a public service platform jointly established by Shanghai international cotton trading center and several futures companies in Shanghai under the guidance of the municipal commission of commerce and municipal finance office. At the opening ceremony, Shanghai international cotton exchange center signed a cooperation agreement with the risk management subsidiaries of 12 futures companies. Signing of the agreement marks the Shanghai international cotton trading center in pushing forward the construction of the global textile goods trading center implementation let China to the global major textile materials pricing enterprise vision and taken a big step.

Look from quotation center function orientation, recently, to participate in cotton valuation service pilot futures companies offer centralized platform, we will intensify reform of textile materials market-oriented pricing mechanism, effectively reduce the cost of cotton valuation, to increase the heft of valuation services and credibility; Midterm, but with futures platform to carry out "period now linkage" cooperation and docking, on the basis of spot transactions, to set up the meet the cargo flow, cash flow, flow three requirements of a scientific and reasonable price of merchants commodity price formation mechanism, give full play to the market allocation of resources determines; Long-term, can rely on Shanghai international finance center advantage, to build the global commodity quotation system to accumulate experience.

, said li, deputy director of the finance office quotation center to fully rely on Shanghai international financial center height advantage, Shanghai textile group industry financial elements, Shanghai international cotton trade center platform, guide elements resources to the entity economy agglomeration; To undertake the task of exploring the scientific and reasonable pricing mechanism of leading textile materials and other important commodities, and to form an important support for the strategy of Shanghai international commodity pricing center.

Grain futures is the first cooperative futures company in Shanghai international cotton trading center. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhu Zhongwen, said the center of the quotation form conforms to the market development trend, hope together with Shanghai international cotton trade center fully rely on quotation center resources agglomeration advantages, grow up together in the service of the real economy.

Shanghai textile group not only operating textile materials in history, but also from the new China was founded at the beginning of the total monopoly purchase and distribution about one-third of the national cotton, to implement the group "the national layout, the overseas development" strategic planning, the Shanghai international cotton trade center, established in 2015, preemption textile materials transactions online. At the same time, to form a textile group xinjiang branch, full acquisition yarkand kunlun mountains in xinjiang cotton industry co., LTD., a sharp rise in the high quality cotton supply ability, gradually formed a complete textile materials industry ecosystem services. Zhu Yong Shanghai textile group, deputy party secretary, President, said the quote center is Shanghai textile group in one hundred, an important node in the development of China from "processing center of the world" to "transfer pricing center" has become a necessary choice.