silk quilt

This is based on its main ingredients. First of all, silk is mainly composed of protein amino acids. It is a pure natural fiber in nature, which is gentle, fine and soft. It is not easy to be itchy, static electricity and ash accumulation.

Secondly, as the saying goes, "one jin of silk, three jin of cotton", the constant temperature and warmth of silk is good, it is wrapped in the winter, no longer not easy shiver.

And this sentence affirmed the silk quilt insulation performance is outstanding at the same time, also showed its another big characteristic - light soft. Compared with the thick quilt, silk covered on the body will not pressure you to turn over tired, also not too light empty fall, that is a proper peng Run rebound, intimate delicate.

Moreover, because the silk itself is about a third of the hollow, can absorb about 30 to 50 percent of the outside water. After the person covers quilt the rise of temperature may perspiculate, the moisture that those send out will be absorbed by silk, was adjusted in place by the humidity inside, the person falls asleep naturally warm and comfortable, breathable and dry.

source: Shendun shaxian