some details of wearing the masks

1. Pulling the mask up to the chin increases the risk

Many people naturally pull their masks up to their chin when they want to breathe, eat or smoke after wearing them for a long time. Check yourself to see if you have such a habit.

But it's not safe! Experts warn: masks look easy when pulled under the chin, but the inner lining of masks can become contaminated, and if you eat, it could also contaminate food.

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Second, self-made masks, cotton masks, etc., can not achieve the protective effect

Experts say that only medical masks are airtight and can provide effective protection. Medical masks are ventilated with special materials, while cotton masks and homemade masks can only block some larger dust particles, and smaller dust can still reach the mouth and nose through the masks. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a formal surgical mask for medical use.

Three, transparent headgear fire, experts say not to follow the trend

Experts say proper surgical masks use materials to ventilate and block droplets. A kind of "transparent face mask" has become popular on the Internet in recent days, with many merchants even calling it the same as the celebrities.

But the masks, made of plastic, do not ventilate or filter out virus particles, providing no protection.

Four, how to solve the problem of glasses fog

To this confusion, Dr Dingxiang once offered a solution:

If the mask is N95 or above with good air tightness, it is recommended to press the metal frame of the upper edge of the mask. Fog often indicates that the mask is not worn as standard.

If you are using an ordinary surgical mask, try pressing a paper towel on the metal strip to increase the seal.

In addition, if you feel stuffy, in the outdoor personnel density is not high, you can also wear a moment to take down to breathe again.

5. What should I pay attention to when taking off the mask?

The outer surface of the mask should not be touched.

The inner surface of the mask should not be touched;

Avoid touching other people's masks to prevent cross-contamination

When removing the mask, you should gently remove the ear straps with your hands. Do not put them directly in your bag or pocket, which may pose a continuing risk of infection. You can fold the mask backwards from the inside out and store them in a crisper bag.

source: Shen Dun Sha xian (神盾纱线)