some introduction of cotton

Pure cotton

Natural fabric, comfortable to wear, breathable, warm, but easy to wrinkle, not easy to care, poor durability, easy to fade. So very few 100% cotton fabrics, usually containing more than 95% of cotton ingredients are called pure cotton.

Advantages: strong moisture absorption, good dyeing performance, soft hand feel, comfortable wearing, no static electricity, good air permeability, anti sensitivity, simple appearance, not easy to moth, strong and durable, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: large shrinkage, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, poor shape retention, easy to mildew, slight fading and acid resistance.

Precautions: clothing and cotton cloth shall be protected from moisture and mildew during storage, use and storage; it is not allowed to be exposed to the sun for a long time, and the inner layer shall be turned out during drying, and it is not allowed to be wring, wet, mildew and dry in the shade. Cotton fabric is best washed in cold water to keep its original color. It is not allowed to soak and iron for a long time.