some kind of Imitation silk fabric

The chiffon fabric

Recently, it has made a new appearance in China's eastern silk market, which is favored by businessmen from north and south. The warp and weft yarn of this fabric is made of polyester FDY100D with twist, and then steamed and untwisted with special finishing technology.

The fabric structure is changed by plain weave. Besides the advantages of softness, smoothness, breathability and easy washing, the product has stronger comfort and better drape. Fabrics can be dyed, printed, embroidery, bronzing, wrinkles and so on.

The fabrics on the market with a variety of light color and light color and color as the leading products, have a light you simple and elegant aesthetic feeling.

The fabric door has a width of 150cm and a weight of about 130g per meter. It is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for women in fashion in spring and summer.


Georgette fabrics

It warp/weft dacron half extinction FDY75D SiDou used as raw material, warp/weft wire spacing and mixed with twist, fabric is plain change organizational structure in water-jet loom weaving and become, after using a single reduction, dyeing and finishing, and obvious crepe degree, extremely rich stereo feeling. Because the fabric structure is relatively loose and the fine fabric surface has tiny pores, the breathable and sweat-absorbing properties are slightly superior to similar products.

Its fabric door width is 148cm and its weight is about 110g/m. At present, there are more than 10 kinds of fabric colors on the market, such as purple, army green, coffee and emerald green.

Suitable for women of different ages to make shirts, dresses, suits and so on. Garment upper body, can show decorous and rich already, can reflect youthful vigor again.