some kinds of yarn

According to the spinning process: combed yarn, coarse combed yarn.

According to the fiber length of the yarn: filament yarn, short fiber yarn, long fiber short fiber composite yarn.

According to the types of fiber that make up the yarn, there are: pure spinning, mixed spinning, cross-twist yarn and mixed fiber yarn.

According to the dyeing and finishing process of yarn, there are: primary colored yarn, bleached yarn, dyed yarn, colored spinning yarn, burnt wool yarn and mercerized yarn.

According to yarn density: coarse yarn, medium yarn, fine yarn and fine yarn.

According to the structure and shape of the yarn, the yarn can be divided into: single filament, compound filament, compound twist, twist, deformed yarn, single yarn, yarn, fancy yarn, core yarn and yarn.

According to the spinning method: ring spinning yarn, air spinning yarn, jet spinning yarn, friction spinning line, electrostatic spinning line, compact spinning line, etc.

According to the use of yarn: yarn for weaving, yarn for knitting, yarn for raising, yarn for special industry.