some knowledge-Non-woven fabric

Features introduced

Non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, which is made by directly using high-polymer slices, short fibers or filament to form fibers through air flow or mechanical mesh, which is then reinforced by water spines, needles, or hot rolled, and finally finished to form non-woven fabric. A new type of fabric with a soft, breathable and flat surface structure has the advantage of not producing fiber crumbs, being strong, durable, silky and soft. It also has the feeling of cotton. Compared with cotton, the non-woven bag is easy to form and cheap to build.

In terms of environmental protection, the raw material of most non-woven fabrics currently used is polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene. Although the names of the two substances are similar, they are quite different in chemical structure. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene is very stable and difficult to degrade, so it takes 300 years for plastic bags to decompose. However, due to the weak chemical structure of polypropylene, the molecular chain can easily break down, which can effectively degrade, and enter the next environmental cycle in the non-toxic form. A non-woven shopping bag can be completely decomposed within 90 days. Moreover, the non-woven shopping bag can be reused more than 10 times, and the pollution degree to the environment after discarded is only 10% of the plastic bag