Sweater fashion show in this winter

Sweater fashion show in this winter

Style 1

Wear a sweater around your neck for two times and then tighten the sleeves. The sleeves must be tight, and guarantee they  will not loosen, u will look very sprity.


Style 2

The shawl type is the most casual way of wearing sweater, with the sleeves lightly set on the chest to create a pendant, and the two sides of the sweater can decorate the face .


Style 3

You wear the sweater, but didnt wear the sleeves of the sweater, and then turn ur sweater to the other side, two sleeves are hanging from the shoulder,  u will look tall than actually.


Style 4

This method is different from the second method, this one is  more along with the gender, if girl's shoulder is wide, then this is  a good way to wear sweater.sweater wrapped side shoulder, at the other side of the chest or shoulder tied on the sleeve . this method tell you what is French elegance.


now the most important thing, we develop a new product. 

it is specialized in making sweater.

next week, will introduce this new product to u.