Textile innovation is the driving force behind the development

According to Xu's judgment, in the second half of this year, the textile industry's overall economy will remain stable, but not prosperity. In this case, for long silk industry, you have to go the path of innovation and development.

"Said industry needed restructuring and upgrading, transformation and upgrading of key is technical innovation. Transformation and upgrading of industries said in the past, is to import equipment, lifting equipment grades, but now we have to spend a fortune to introduce the most advanced equipment in the world, but the product is serious backlog, a lot of inventory. What is the reason? I think technology is innovative, this is the fundamental business survival is the driving force behind the development of the industry. Especially when we have developed and the same equipment, but no way to accomplish the same quality fabrics, cannot make the same feeling when we should think about the problem. "Xu laments.

He also said that industries need to rely on research and development to develop the market. Nowadays, the attention to product development, innovative enterprises are emerging, which generally reflect, they not be adversely affected by international and domestic macroeconomic, product demand, and benefits are better than in previous years, this is the power of innovation. Research and development on the need to increase investment, but no environment is more fair, the market will only really pay people more, and these require innovation to open up.