The development of silver fibers

Features and effects of silver fiber fabrics

1. Antistatic property

Because of the high conductivity of silver, as long as a small amount of silver fiber exists on clothing, can quickly eliminate the static electricity generated by friction, so that the product has no static comfort.

2. Strong deodorization

Bacterial growth can cause the body to smell, and silver ions on the surface of the silver fibers can quickly absorb ammonia and other bad proteins to reduce or eliminate the smell.

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3. Strong antibacterial

The silver fibers were tested to resist 99.9 percent of bacteria exposed to the surface within 1 hour. Most other antibacterial products still fail to achieve the same effect after 48 hours of testing.

4. More comfort

The radiation suit mainly consists of two materials: metal fiber and silver fiber. Compared with metal fiber fabric, silver fiber fabric has a better feel, soft and comfortable body, good air permeability.

5. Radiation protection

Silver has good electrical conductivity, which is several or even hundreds of times better than ordinary conductive metals. The fabric made of silver fiber is an excellent material for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

6. Fast heat transfer

Heat conduction fast: silver fiber can send out the temperature conduction on the skin quickly, in order to lower the body temperature, achieve cool feeling.

In medical care, because of the "silver" rapid conduction characteristics, can promote blood circulation, eliminate or significantly reduce the feeling of fatigue, to achieve the function of medical care and health care. Such as surgical clothing, nurse's clothing, hospital disinfection dressings, bandages, masks, etc. In the highly pathogenic environment, its broad-spectrum, efficient, safe and long-lasting antibacterial function helps to resist the invasion of bacteria to human body. This fiber is also often used in field work clothing, the clothing has antibacterial, deodorization, anti-radiation, anti-static, anti-pollution and other functions, in the water shortage, unconditional washing field harsh environment can extend the wearing period, to protect human health.