the difference between the linen fabric and chiffon fabrics

the difference between the linen fabric and chiffon fabrics

1-linen fabric

Linen fabric with thin, thin cotton fabric. Most of it is made of pure cotton, and it is also made of cotton and linen blended yarn. Since the 1960s, since the development of chemical fiber, polyester/cotton, polyester/ma, wei/cotton and other blended yarn have appeared. Hemp yarn is very good because of the name, it is one of the main varieties of summer clothing, it has the characteristics of wind and cool breathability. Hemp yarn has bleaching, dyeing, printing, jacquard, yarn-dyed, etc., suitable for men's and women's shirts, children's underwear, skirt material, handkerchief and decorative cloth.



1)Common yarn

In general, the warp and weft tissues are used for 18 ~ 13 (32 ~ 45 British branches), and the weft density is 10% ~ 15%, which makes the surface of the cloth have obvious straight lines.

2)Fancy yarn

It is the change of fabric organization, or the warp yarns of different Numbers and changes of warp yarns, which can change the yarn, the wicker yarn, and the other varieties. The change of the yarn includes various kinds of changing tissues, the lines are thick and protruding, and the body is crisp. The fabric of the willow yarn is arranged at a certain distance, and there is a small gap in the cloth. The texture is fine and thin, with a feeling of cold and smooth. The interfacial yarn is arranged in a single warp and a different double root warp, and the stripes are more prominent. Most of the raw materials are pure cotton yarn. Since the 1960s, the raw materials of polyester, polyester, cotton and other blended yarn are introduced due to the development of chemical fiber industry.


Chiffon fabric is a kind of silk fabric woven by crepe and crepe. Chiffon is light and transparent, flexible and flexible, with a clean and elegant appearance, good breathability and drape, flowing and comfortable. The lightweight, heavy, thick, thin, transparent and crepe effect of georgette yarn. It's usually used in summer dresses or undershirts.

Linen fabric is a thin cotton fabric with a thin strip of thread. Polyester/cotton, polyester/ma, wei/cotton and other blended yarn, the fabric is divided into ordinary hemp yarn and fancy yarn.