the features of T400 yarn

Some features of T400 yarn 

The main properties and characteristics of t-400 are as follows: 1. Good swelling property, excellent elastic recovery, dyeing property, soft feel and good drapidity, giving it excellent style, comfortable performance and beautiful color. 2. Higher strength and modulus than pure PTT, so that it has better dimensional stability than ammonia theory and nylon, and better strength than PTT products. 3, because of its good elastic recovery, it can replace part of spandex and polyamide fiber, and do not need to be like spandex heat setting, product size is more stable, product quality is more uniform. 4, can directly on the arrow rod, water jet loom weaving, do not need to be like spandex wrapped yarn, reduce the production cost of yarn, improve the quality of the product uniformity. 5. It has the light resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and crisp appearance of PET, and it has better dyeing property and soft feel than PET. 6, with its woven sportswear, underwear and other products, there is no such as spandex, nylon as the sense of bondage, but with the same fine elastic characteristics.