the fiber's application and development in military

1. Development of military application of American fiber materials

On March 18, 2015, Obama personally announced the opening of the "revolutionary fiber and fabric manufacturing innovation institute" bid. Revolutionary fibers and fabrics have unique properties, incredible lightness, fire resistance, extraordinary strength and electronic sensors that contain fibrous materials. It includes a series of fiber systems called "technical textiles", which are made up of special fabrics, industrial fabrics, electronic textiles, smart fabrics and other advanced textiles.


China attaches great importance to the development of new fiber materials

Materials are the foundation of industry. Vigorously promoting the development of new materials industry is of great significance to strengthen "made in China". On December 23, 2016, the state council established the "national leading group for the development of new materials industry", and the group decided that the "research and development and application of key new materials" for major national projects had been launched and issued in 2017.

The key engineering strategic materials needed in China, such as special alloy for high-end equipment, high-performance separation membrane materials, high-performance fiber and composite materials, should be transferred to the high-end and increased the proportion of localization. At present, there is an urgent need to strengthen innovation in the frontier areas of 3D printing materials, superconducting materials, intelligent bionics and metamaterials, graphene and other new materials, accelerate the layout of independent intellectual property rights, and seize the development opportunities and strategic high points.


3. Application of fiber materials in military industry and national defense

Carbon fiber, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, biological polyamide fiber and other high-performance fiber and its composite materials are applied to strategic missile launch equipment, aviation spacecraft, artificial satellite, fighter aircraft, and individual soldier protection, which can not only improve the defensive performance of various equipment, but also improve the efficiency of individual soldier operation.

In order to improve combat efficiency, reduce the physical consumption of combatants, and reduce the high cost of transport, research should be strengthened to facilitate the implementation of diversified tasks, light ground combat vehicles and combat protective clothing. For example, the high strength polyamide fiber with small specific gravity and high strength is used for the carbon fiber reinforced composite material of tent bracket and back frame, which can produce the high strength and high modulus fiber of light bulletproof clothing and bulletproof insert plate.