the introduction of Alginate fibre

Characteristics of fiber and products

The main specifications

Staple: 1.24-5.5 dtex x 38 mm

Standards and Certification

"Alginate staple fibre" (FZ/T52049-2018)

"Alginate staple fiber" (HX/T51005-2014)

Sodium alginate for fiber use (HX/T51014-2016)

Fiber properties and product characteristics

Bio-based raw materials, renewable resources. Fiber can be naturally degradable, no harm to the environment, in line with environmental protection requirements

High moisture recovery rate of 15%-18% (cotton is 9%, cashmere is 15%-20%), comfort close to cashmere, comparable to high-grade long strand cotton, with excellent feel and wearing comfort

Excellent bacteriostatic performance, high bacteriostatic rate to Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Excellent mildew proof performance, mildew proof grade 0

Intrinsically flame retardant, limit oxygen index LOI > 45%, direct carbonization in case of fire, no toxic gas

Highly absorbent, gel-forming, biodegradable, hemostasis, wound healing, and accelerated blood clotting and scab formation


Application technology

Blend: it is recommended to mix with other blended fibers and strip, and the blending proportion should not be higher than 30%.

Washing: In the washing process, try to use neutral detergent.

Application: the whole process should avoid contact with sodium ions and alkaline environment, the best temperature should not exceed 80 degrees. Biological enzymes may cause damage to seaweed fiber, because of the variety of biological enzymes, it is recommended to do a small test first.



source: China Fibres fashion trends