the introduction of conductive rubber

Conductive rubber

Conductive rubber is a kind of rubber material filled with metal filler, providing high conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, moisture-proof sealing function. Each type of conductive rubber is composed of silicones, silicones fluoride, EPDM or fluorocarbon-silicones fluoride adhesives and conductive fillers such as pure silver, silver copper, silver aluminum, silver nickel, silver glass, silver lead or carbon particles.


This material can be shaped as sheet, mold, extrusion and film as required. The standard shape is: solid O bar, hollow O bar, solid D bar, hollow D bar, U bar, rectangle bar, hollow rectangle bar, hollow P bar, channel bar and mould guidance electric rubber forming part, mould D-ring/O-ring, various flanges, I/O gasket.


Features and applications: it can reach 90db-120dB in the range of 20M-20GHz, and even above 120dB for pure silver particles. Can play the role of shielding and environmental seal, easy to install. Suitable for excellent electromagnetic shielding and highly conductive parts requiring long-term stability. Widely used in communication equipment, information technology equipment, medical equipment, industrial electronic equipment market.