the introduction of polar fleece

The technological process of polar fleece

White base inspection - dyeing - type soft reservation - finishing - drying - napping - combing, shearing, high temperature gas steam curly anti-pilling - shape - - inspection of warehouse

Granulation is introduced in detail

1 introduction

Polar fleece (also known as sheep pile) is a kind of knitting fabric, woven circle machine, woven fabric after dyeing first, after again hair, combing, and anti-pilling finishing of wool processing technology, positive napped fabrics, anti-pilling fluffy dense and difficult to shed, pilling, opposite thin thin hair, well-balanced, hairs short, texture clear, soft, good elasticity.

2 The characteristics 

Its ingredients are generally polyester, feel soft, winter is the first choice to keep out the cold. In addition, fleece can be compounded with any other fabrics to keep out the cold better (compound cashmere and cashmere, compound cashmere and denim, compound cashmere and lamb, compound cashmere and mesh fabric with waterproof breathable film in the middle, etc.).

3 classification

By source of raw materials:

Staple fibre (grey fleece)

(2) long fiber (low elastic filament DTY, light filament FDT).

Under normal conditions, staple fleece is more expensive than long staple fleece, and long staple fleece is more used to make blankets.

By style:

(1) Single brush single shake (2) double brush double shake (3) double brush single shake (4) single brush single shake (5) high temperature water (grey)

By breed:

Monochrome coloured stripes draw a square

4 application

Granulator is mainly used for the lining of clothes (generally choose full polyester 150D/96F granulator, "D" thickness, "F" number), can also be used for bedding, carpets, coats, jackets, vests, windbreakers, clothing signs, gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, cushions, shoes and toys.