the introduction of the face towel

Washing towel can also be called clean face towel, soft cotton towel. Its main action is facial cleanness, it is disposable things more. Generally, long-term reused towels are easy to breed a large number of mites. Using such towels will make the skin rough and the pores will be thick. Cotton soft towels have strong water absorption and are treated asepsis, so using face towels to wash face is a new choice for fairy men. Respectively according to the different thickness and texture, wash a face, makeup, apply face, and other functions, it was summarized the makeup cotton, disposable masks, and towels, a multi-purpose and after use can also be the table when a rag wipe shoes.

Pure cotton

The ingredients are all cotton face towel, the cost is relatively high, the price is expensive, the good pure cotton face towel is not easy to tear off the floss, soft and close to the skin does not block the pores, but also very suitable for the baby to use, so pure cotton and face more match yo!


Cotton + vegetable fiber

Function is different, it is to add hemp, bamboo fiber and other natural fiber mostly, increased a lot of functions, but mostly is gimmick, mainly strengthened friction, clean ability, do not suit to wash a face, but not easy deformation can take away skin surface dirt.


Cotton + polyester

Two kinds, one is cotton + regenerated cellulose (viscose fiber, etc.), soft, cost saving, from the appearance of the same as pure cotton, but regenerated water will be hard, easy to tear, commonly used on the skin is not good; Another kind of cotton + polyester, PP, etc., most of the face towels on the market are this kind, the appearance is difficult to distinguish, because the addition of cotton, water absorption is good, can be identified by combustion method, low cost, sensitive skin with may feel stabbed face, not suitable for long-term use.


Chemical fiber

It is also roughly divided into two categories, one is regenerated cellulose + polyester fiber, PP, etc., the material is the same as most wet wipes, there are good and bad, but the friction is large, long-term use will damage the skin; The other is polyester fiber or polyester fiber blended with other man-made chemical fiber, which may be improved. It feels soft, but it can not be compared with natural fiber, because it does not absorb water and is not skin-friendly.


In the above face towels, pure cotton, pure cotton + plant fiber blend is skin-friendly and relatively environmental friendly, and can be naturally degraded. Other kinds, especially the PP material, not skin friendly not environmental protection, can only be landfill or incineration treatment, we can be careful to choose yo when buying.

source:Shen Dun Sha xian