the knowledge of ATY yarn

Air deformation principle


The air deformation is mainly realized through the air deformation nozzle. The wire strip enters the nozzle after spraying water, and is blown apart and disorderly by compressed air jet in the nozzle, and then is accelerated in the accelerating wire feeding pipe. Leave money the nozzle, the root monofilament keep basically parallel, leaving the nozzle chamber strips for 90 ° turn, generate different sizes and bending loop. As a result of overfeeding, a certain length of free yarn segment appears. When the filament is intertwined, the network occurs above the bending point, forming the basic structure of air textured yarn. According to the different requirements of the product, can be in the air deformation machine other institutions for finalizing the design or cutting ring processing, so that the surface of the filament yarn produced similar to the nap.


According to the number of strands fed into the yarn and the difference of over-feeding, there are three main processing technologies of air-textured yarn: single parallel yarn; Double parallel yarn; Double yarn with leather core.


The configuration of ATY consists of two parts: one is the surface loop part of the yarn and the other is the core part.