the knownledge of Xin Jiang cotton

the difference of Xinjiang cottons between anothe cottons.

Xinjiang long staple cotton

The main length of the fiber was 37.29mm, the staple index (16.omm) was 6.9%, the micronaire value was 4.22, the maturity was 0.98, the impurity rate was 3.6%, the moisture regain rate was 5.7%, the fiber uniformity was 86.3, the fineness was L6lmtex, and the cotton nots were 101 / g.

Egyptian long staple cotton

Main length 35.74mm staple fiber index (16.omm)8.9%, micronaire value 4.22, maturity 0.98, impurity rate 2.8%, moisture regain 5.7%, fiber evenness 89,7, fineness L59mtex, cotton 127 pieces/g

American horse cotton

Fiber body length 35.89 MMT fl! Fiber index (12.lmm)6.5%, micronaire value 4.22, maturity 0.93, impurity rate 3.1%, moisture recovery 5.7%, fiber evenness 87.1, fineness l7lmtex, cotton nots 136 / g