the quality requirements of blazer

1. Surface moisture resistance

The surface moisture resistance reflects the degree to which the fabric resists being wetted by water. The test standard is GB/T 4745 "Law on testing and Evaluating The Waterproofing Property of Textiles".


2. The hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is a measure of how resistant the fabric is to water penetration. The test standard is GB/T 4744 hydrostatic Pressure Method for testing and Evaluating Textile Waterproofing Performance.


3. The moisture permeability

Moisture permeability is the ability of the sweat emitted by the human body to travel to the outside world in the form of water vapor through the fabric, thereby preventing sweat from accumulating and condensing between the body and the fabric. The test standard is GB/T 12704.2 Test Methods for moisture permeability of Textiles -- Part 2: Evaporation method.

Functional technical requirements for the blazer

To ensure that the functional requirements of the blazer are applicable to a variety of outdoor sports, the GB/T 32614-2016 standard divides the functional requirements of the blazer into two categories: professional (level I) and non-professional (Level II). In terms of surface moisture resistance (refers to the drop of water on the fabric, such as the dew on the lotus leaf, which falls off naturally without leaving any trace), the standard specifies that the pre-washing moisture level is 4, and the waterproof performance is evaluated as "with very good moisture resistance". In the aspect of hydrostatic pressure (refers to the fabric can resist the effect of high water pressure for a long time, while the inner layer is impermeable and not wet), the corresponding indexes are stipulated respectively at the joints of the standard opposite material and fabric. The moisture permeability (khan gas produced by the body to discharge in time), the standard rules on the moisture transmission to Ⅰ products 5000, Ⅱ grade 3000.

Level Ⅰ ski-wear, waterproof and moisture permeable functional technical requirements

Level Ⅱ ski-wear, waterproof and moisture permeable functional technical requirements

Class I products are suitable for professional outdoor activities;

Class II products are suitable for daily outdoor leisure activities.

Emergency clothing identification requirements

In addition to GB/T 5296.4, GB 18401 and GB 31701, it is also appropriate to indicate the functional level of the product. For functional indicators classified into Class I and Class II, "Class I" or "Class II" should be marked on the tag, and those not marked shall be deemed as class I products.



1. Pay attention to whether the seams of the garment are tight, whether the glue is flat, whether the stitching is neat and consistent, whether the zipper is smooth and easy to pull, and whether there is wireless first class when buying the garment.

2. When purchasing the blazer, please identify the products whose implementation standard is GB/T 32614-2016 in the logo. At the same time, according to their own actual situation, for example, just to meet the needs of daily outdoor leisure activities, they can choose products with the function level II, but if they need to meet the needs of high intensity professional outdoor sports, they can choose products with the function level I.