the relationship of color fastness items unit and conversion

Colour fastness routine items

The color fastness rating is mainly graded by gray color card.

Grayscale color card has:

American (AATCC) standard gray card

International (ISO) standard grey card

Japan (JIS) standard grey card

China (GB) standard gray card

Grey card total 5 levels and 9 grades; They are Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, among which Grade 5 is the highest and Grade 1 is the lowest, which can be rated as the middle half grade.

In addition to AATCC using 3.0, 3.5 decimal point notation; ISO, JIS, GB are 3, 3-4 level "-" representation.

Color fastness to light:

ISO, GB, JIS standards:

The rating is a comparison of the grade of the standard blue woolen cloth with the corresponding exposure as a result of the test. Blue label woolen cloth is divided into grade 1~8. In principle, the test sample should be exposed to the sun together with the corresponding grade of blue label. In the case of level 4, the result should be > level 4, = level 4, < level 4.

AATCC standard: the grading is still carried out by comparing the gray sample card, and the results show the same color fastness as the conventional AATCC method.