The type of stuffed cotton in the cotton-padded garment, and the washing method of the cotton-padded garment

PP cotton

PP cotton is also known as doll cotton or hollow cotton, with good elasticity, feel smooth, good heat preservation characteristics, mainly used in stuffed toys or thick cotton clothing.


Pearl cotton

Pearl cotton is a kind of granular cotton, after processing can be widely used in various industries, in the production of cotton clothes will be based on the size of the cotton grain and the quality of cotton yarn to determine the degree of pengdui, fine quality is better than the large grain, pearl cotton is characterized by good heat preservation, feel light, after washing can restore fluffy not easy to run advantage.


Eiderdown cotton

Eiderdown cotton is called eiderdown cotton because it is processed by special technology and has the texture of eiderdown. It has the characteristics of light and thin, delicate and soft hand feeling, good heat preservation, not easy to be out of shape and not easy to lose silk. Eiderdown cotton of the same weight has better heat preservation than eiderdown, so eiderdown cotton is widely used. Eiderdown cotton and the difference between filament and short silk, filament: silk is relatively long, especially white, delicate, soft, fluffy; Short silk: the silk is relatively short and belongs to the soft type.


Imitation silk cotton

Imitation silk cotton with ultrafine hollow staple fiber containing silicon as the main raw material, with part of the heat capacity of short fiber, finished product glue content rarely, after the wrinkles in calender, imitation silk smooth, mercerizing, light, feel is exquisite, soft and good heat preservation, strong water resistance, not easy deformation, not running wire, feel like a feather, fine texture, surface, such as silk, such as tensile, soft features, after repeated washing machine washing will not variant, washing, sand washing clothes is suitable for filling material; Suitable for high grade winter clothing, fine and soft fabric clothing, bedding and do high grade winter fashion filler, etc.


Spraying collodion

Gum-sprayed cotton, also known as shotcrete floc cotton, is a kind of nonwoven fabric, commonly known as space cotton or vacuum cotton, it is made of natural cotton fiber, artificial fiber or synthetic fiber by lardening, carding, spraying, curing and processing. Due to its fluffy, compression and high elasticity, dry, wet washing, and light and warm performance, so in recent years has become the processing and manufacturing of cotton clothing and ski shirts, spacesuits and quilts, sleeping bags and other bedding and some industrial supplies important materials.