the yarn characteristics of Air-jet

Air - jet yarn characteristics

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1, yarn strength

The structure of air-jet yarn is composed of untwisted core fiber bundle and outer wrapped fiber. Unlike ring - spun yarns, which are stretched, all fibers are stressed at almost the same time, so air - spun yarns are less powerful than ring - spun yarns.

2. Dry yarn

Air - jet yarns are dry and have fewer defects than ring - spun yarns. In the process of twisting, some impurities can be blown away by air flow, so the number of stray grains is less.

3. Wear resistance

It's directional. The forward friction is more wear-resisting, the reverse friction is easy to disintegrate and fracture. The wear-resisting performance of woven fabric is good due to the large diameter of air-jet yarn, tight and thick cloth body and large wear support surface.

4. Yarn hairiness

The hairiness of air-jet yarns is short and few, with almost no hairiness over 3mm, and the yarn surface is smooth and clean. Under the action of high pressure and high speed air flow, the outer fiber wraps the yarn tightly, which reduces the amount of fiber head sticking out, thus reducing the hairiness of the yarn.