These fibers give you the most real warmth!

These fibers give you the most real warmth!

It has the characteristics of stable performance, uniform coloring, high color fastness, deep dye and fine denier. The imitation cotton series has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, healthy and safe environment. From cotton ® products with good touch feeling, good moisture absorption rate of dry, good pilling resistance, good imitation cotton effect has been widely recognized.



Creatures of elastic composite polyester fiber: raw materials refined by enterprise autonomy, aggregation, index, advanced composite fiber is prepared by one-step technology, using PTT and PET two kinds of polymer, the elastic fibers made of composite spinning technology. Fiber has excellent flexibility, elastic resilience, anti-wrinkle and dimensional stability. It is widely used in knitted sportswear, underwear and high-end shirts



Polychromatic polyimide thermal insulation fiber: using addition technology to solve the problem of polyimide dyeing. Fiber insulation performance is good, aging resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant, resistance to drop, used in high temperature filtration, special protection, flame retardant and heat insulation, functional composite materials, household, special tooling, clothing, and infant clothing areas.