What is the difference between ready-to-wear in expensive and cheap fabrics?

The difference in material

First of all, thousands of yuan are used for high quality materials. In order to ensure the quality, most of them are customized directly from the fabric producers and are rarely seen in the market.

For example: like cashmere, thousands of pieces of cashmere and a few hundred pieces of cashmere there is a big gap, the longer the cashmere is more expensive. Not easy to pilling, not easy to deformation, soft color, feel is not the same, expensive cashmere feel more soft.

The difference in workmanship

The quality of a garment is made up of many things -- fabric, workmanship, shape, color, accessories... This dress is not of high quality with any shortness.

Thousands of yuan of clothing in the workmanship of each process has a strict production standards and testing system, quality control is very strict, unqualified are not allowed to leave the factory, quality is guaranteed.

Things like the hem of a garment, accessories, beads and zippers can really embody the details of a garment.

Although not all of the expensive can be considered in place, but it can do some details to make your heart, make you willing to pay

For some tens of thousands of bespoke garments, all the workmanship is done by hand, and the labor time of a garment is about a week. Each piece has only one owner, and its uniqueness is also one of its values

Time, manpower, thinking, all the pay, you use money to buy a very careful period of someone else's life, so expensive, after all, this money is also you spend time or others spend time to earn, in essence, is also a kind of exchange of life.

The difference in temperament

Buy good fabric clothes and good quality clothes, will make their temperament also change, because people are magnetic interaction, confident collocation, will bring good luck

This shows, the dress of 1000 yuan is in charge of making things for business, with makings, design respect wants to compare the dress of 100 yuan really good, the price is high, but buy is quality really, put on later also can let you more confident be not?

source: www.texfiberchina.com