Which is better, a down jacket or a stormcoat? What did the owner of the garment factory say

As for the down jacket and the stormcoat, if you consider from the real warmth, it is natural that the down jacket is better than the stormcoat, which I believe everyone knows.

Why is a down jacket better for warmth? That's because it's made from natural down, while the stormwear is made from chemical fibers.

So obviously. Does that mean a down jacket must be more resistant to cold than a stormcoat? The answer, of course, is no. Which is more resistant to freezing, in fact, depends on one's current environment.


If you are in the outdoor, outdoor, there is no doubt that the jacket is the most antifreeze.

To be clear, the original purpose of stormwear was not to keep people warm. We sometimes walk in the street, found that the temperature is obviously not so low, but a gust of wind blowing, found that it is still very cold and biting, of course, if it is in the case of low temperature, it is even more cold.

The stormwear was originally designed to do just that, to help people outside keep their bodies healthy enough. So the stormwear is designed with a surface that is very resistant to rain and wind, so that even when there's a lot of wind and rain, it doesn't penetrate the clothing and affect the body temperature. Of course, the benefits of stormwear is not only the barrier to wind and rain, in addition to it has a certain amount of sweat permeability, to help people keep the body dry.