Yarn-dyed knownledge


Yarn-dyed refers to the process of dyeing yarn or filament and then weaving cloth with colored yarn. The color of yarn-dyed fabric is mostly bright and bright, and the pattern is distinguished by color contrast. Yarn-dyed fabric is often used as shirt fabric, light texture of yarn-dyed fabric, comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for single wear, with coat style and temperament.


Characteristics of yarn-dyed fabric

Advantage: yarn-dyed fabric with different colors of yarn and fabric to form a variety of beautiful pattern, compared with the ordinary printed fabric has a three-dimensional sense. The dyeing fastness of color fabric is better because the dye is permeable with original yarn. Yarn-dyed fabric is woven by multi-shuttle and multi-arm machines, which can interweave different fibers or different yarn branches into a variety of colorful and delicate patterns. Due to the use of color yarn or yarn and various organizational changes, quality of cotton yarn, can still be woven into beautiful varieties.

Disadvantages: due to high loss in dyeing, weaving and finishing processes, the production of table cloth is not as high as the output of blank cloth, so the input cost is high and the technical requirements are high.


Full color and half color

Yarn-dyed: yarn-dyed or partially dyed in both the warp and woof threads (or the fabric with a few strands of colored yarn interwoven with white).

Semi-yarn-dyed: yarns with warp or woof threads are dyed or partially dyed, and blank yarns cannot be used for yarn-dyed fabrics. Since the tension and shrinkage of the blank yarns are different from those of dyed yarns, they must not be used for warp yarns, and the fabric can be deformed due to shrinkage when used in post-finishing. So the general colorless yarn is half-bleached or full bleached.


Identification of yarn-dyed fabric

Basically two or more colors, and the same composition (e.g., all cotton, all polyester) are basically yarn-dyed fabrics. If it is plain, then the quality of the fabric and color fastness, general color woven out of the quality of plain cloth better than the dyed cloth quality, fresh cloth, dry clear, fastness than the dyeing high point.

Method, there is a difference between first language is the dyed fabric weaving, dyeing, and then the yarn-dyed, is the first dyed yarn, and then to weaving, so the general yarn-dyed fabric and dyeing look at both the front and back of the card is ok, if really not line, draw a line, if is a color, both inside and outside it is yarn dyed, but if outside surface with a layer of color, it is dyed fabric.