Yarn to industrial transformation and upgrading of China strongly

This year, in a complex and changing international environment under the influence of China's economic situation is also under severe test. Tight monetary policies such as raising interest rates and reserve requirement ratio increase, rising costs of factors of production, raw materials and market volatility, as well as the Yuan appreciation against the dollar, continued to increase pressure on China's textile industry, slowing industry growth, speeding up the transformation of an adjustment phase. A quarter of this year, China produced 6.1795 million tons of yarn, up 12.54%; but in January-May, under the influence of various pressures, yarn production growth 10.13% growth from the first quarter fell by 2.41%.

Relatively volatile market environment as well as fiber and yarn industry's product innovation brings new momentum and new spaces, cotton prices like cotton, cotton for the product development space to expand; application of new fibers promote the yarn development, research and development of new type fiber yarn became the largest corporate profit; with high added value, individuality and diversity of dyed yarn, fashion market continues to expand. This yarn exhibition will reflect these new changes.