2018 Yarn Expo For Autumn And Winter In Shanghai

The 2018 China international textile yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the 2018yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition) was held in hall 8.1 of the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) from nov 15 to 17.

Under the complex and changeful macro environment at home and abroad, the number of participating enterprises of yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition in 2018has bucked the trend and increased to 501, among which 377 domestic exhibitors and 124 overseas exhibitors have exhibited an exhibition area of 26,000 square meters. On the one hand, it conveys the vitality of upstream textile enterprises and reflects the attraction of the exhibition platform. On the other hand, it verifies the attraction of the huge consumer market brought by the 1.3 billion people in China in the current sino-us trade war.

Exhibition on the opening day, party secretary of China textile industry association and secretary-general Gao Yong, ChangSunRuiZhe, former President Mr Du, former vice President of Xu Kun yuan, vice President of Yang Jichao, Xia Lingmin, ying-xin xu xiaoping, Sun Huaibin, end, former vice President of lily and guest visitors, mulling a few ways to visit the exhibition, visited ChengHong group, Shanghai textile group, new huayuan group, Kang Pingna, lion dance, hua ding shares, tangshan poetic litai, constant day group, Wan Liyuan, wuxi YiMian key exhibitors. Every time the group visited the booth, the company couldn't wait to introduce the new products, new technologies and market responses brought by the guests. Leaders such as gao yong and sun ruizhe also communicated with the enterprise seriously, encouraging the enterprise to take the pulse of the quasi-market, seek new changes, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and contribute to the construction of textile power.

Although this exhibition is rescheduled, it can not stop the enthusiasm of enterprises, exhibition site, exhibition enterprise image, exhibits, trend release, audience, the atmosphere of negotiation on booth... All of them convey the vitality and vitality of the upstream textile enterprises in China. It also proves that China international textile yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition is the most influential in Asia, covering the widest range of products and the most complete variety, as well as the professional, internationalized, fashionable trade and trade, and the quality and strength of the exhibition platform.

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the fierce market competition, the textile industry has been endowed with many new connotations. At present, "fashion, science and technology, green" is a new label of textile industry in the new era, and it is also a measuring scale for the target of each link in the textile industry chain. In this exhibition, each exhibition area has a large number of products embodying "fashion, technology, green".

As the fashion of this time bear, the fancy yarn with its unique production process principle was endowed with a kaleidoscope of style, quite by the favor of the vast number of designers. This session of the exhibition's fancy yarn exhibitors are even more rubbing, with the strong exhibition, it can be said that the fancy yarn exhibition area has become the most attractive part of each session of the exhibition.

"Natural cotton yarn zone", as a regular and important part of each session of yarn show, covers a wide range of products, with more and more raw materials and yarn structure. At this exhibition, cotton textile enterprises represented by yueda cotton spinning and wujiang jingyi actively innovated from the aspects of product appearance, functionality and comfort, increased research and development efforts, and produced gauze products in market demand, among which the functional and special yarn products are more mature.

This year's functional chemical fiber zone is divided into four theme areas: "China fiber fashion trend 2018/2019 exhibition area", "innovation function exhibition area", "green environmental protection exhibition area" and "industry alliance exhibition area". Among them, there are many exhibits with a strong sense of science and technology. For example, fiber enterprises can improve the comfort of clothing products by giving them functions of moisture absorption, cool, warm and soft through physical or chemical modification. The product is developed with the functions of flame retardant, anti-dropping, anti-mosquito, conducting electricity, anti-static and anti-acid and alkali, etc. The exhibits of innovative functions not only improve the connotation of fiber, but also provide more possibilities for the improvement of human life quality.

In addition, one of the highlights of this exhibition is that many exhibitors take large areas of booths in the form of exhibition groups, and independent exhibition groups show not only products, but also the determination and confidence of joint development. Seven domestic exhibition groups, including pui county, xuzhou county, dalang textile network, sateri, chemical fiber industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, hengtian group, Shanghai textile group, and jiangsu oshen group, all present at the exhibition area with a new look.

In this exhibition, yarn enterprises presented the elegant demeanor of the upstream textile industry chain from multiple perspectives, practiced to create beautiful clothes from the source and create beautiful new life, and embodied the development goal of "science and technology, fashion and green" new era industry.