8 China International Trade Textiles And Nonwovens Exhibition Opens

Carried out at the start of China's textile industry association, secretary of the party committee and the secretary-general Gao Yong ChangSunRuiZhe, former President of Wang Tiankai, deputy party secretary George chan, vice President of ying-xin xu, Li Lingshen, the Chinese academy of engineering jin-liang sun, jian-yun yu, deputy director general of department of ministry of industry and consumer goods industry xue-jun cao, the national development and reform commission, industry leaders including coordination department zhang shuguang, first came to the innovative products in N3 the museum exhibit, in traditional costume exhibit; Aerospace exhibition area; Environmental protection, medical treatment and intelligent clothing exhibition area; Security, emergency and special exhibition area visit and exchange before the four exhibition areas. After that, I visited several exhibition areas including the establishment of equipment and accessories exhibition area, industrial textiles exhibition area, and nonwovens exhibition area, and had in-depth communication with the exhibitors.


It is reported, the products cover the industrial equipment and accessories, raw materials and chemicals, nonwoven fabric and products, industrial textiles coil and other products, functional fabrics and protective clothing, as well as research and development, consulting, media and other related industries, and product application covers the medical and health, transportation, filtration and separation, safety and protection, earthwork and the building, structure, enhance the textile, aerospace, agriculture/Lin/rope, fishing/take/line, packaging, isolation and insulation, and other areas of the dozen.