About Yarn

One, spinning 1. combed yarn: after combing textile yarn. It compared with the carded yarn, better materials, and fibers in yarns stretched parallel to the yarn quality, fineness of the yarn is fine. 2. carded: after the spinning process of spun yarn. Also called carded yarn, cotton and wool fabric slightly different.

Second, according to the composition of the yarn length 1. yarn: one or more of continuous filament and processed to form yarns, twisting or deformation. 2. short fiber yarn: short fiber yarn by added twist spinning into has must fine degrees of yarn, and can is divided into four species a. cotton type yarn: by cotton or cotton type fiber in cotton equipment Shang pure spinning or blended processing and into of yarn; b. medium-length fiber type yarn: by in the long type fiber in cotton or dedicated equipment Shang processing and into of, has must length of yarn; C. wool yarn: wool or wool-like fibers in the wool spinning equipment, pure or blended and processed yarns; d. filament staple fiber composite yarn from staple fibre spun yarns and filaments with special methods, such as core-spun yarn, wrap yarn.