Advantages Of Bamboo Fiber Nylon Yarn

Advantages of bamboo fiber Nylon Yarn

Bamboo fiber Nylon Yarn has been applied to many places in our life, and it is no stranger to many people. Life supplies, bedding, and baby - baby Nylon Yarn products can be used. Compared with pure cotton, bamboo fiber has better moisture absorption, breathability and instant water absorption, which is popular with consumers.

Bamboo fiber Nylon Yarn is made of 70% bamboo fiber 30% pure cotton yarn. It is soft and feels good. Double Nylon Yarn machine woven, better water absorption, stronger wear resistance. It is natural bamboo fiber material, it has the effect of sterilization. Bamboo fiber Nylon Yarn has good air permeability, soft and fine texture, and is used by many people in the production of maternal and baby products.

Nylon Yarn of bamboo fiber to its features, and make baby diapers, saliva towel, Nylon Yarn bellyband, neonatal towel bath towel, and are very suitable for, its unit fineness thin, soft, good whiteness, fiber luster bright, toughness and wear resistance is strong, has a unique capacity; It has strong longitudinal and transverse strength, and stable and uniform. Soft and smooth, softer than cotton, with a unique sense of velvet; Soak in moisture, warm in winter and cool in summer. There has been a growing sales in the maternal and infant market.

Six layer thickening of Nylon Yarn, cotton made of high temperature physical soft technology more wash more soft continous, 100% pure cotton yarn woven, cotton bleaching do not contain chemical additives, does not stimulate the baby tender skin, use rise more healthy. Baby cover is on the market at present, is basic is to use filling cotton cotton fabric, such as permeability is poor, this commodity is easy to make baby a hot prickly heat, baby diapers, diaper on the market quality is uneven, and six layer thickening of Nylon Yarn, Nylon Yarn fabrics and air holes, perspiration and six layers of Nylon Yarn is better, water imbibition is a multi-purpose, do diapers, do be, baby towel, not be second choice.

How to choose a diaper for your baby now is a difficult choice for many new mothers, who are likely to choose diapers for most new mothers. While saving time and effort, but often can cause baby's allergy or eczema, causes the skin to cause injury. In fact, you can give your baby nappy nappies at home, so how to choose high-quality nylon diaper?

For your recommendation, all cotton double baby nappy Nylon Yarn is made from natural cotton yarn and used for baby diaper production and processing. From pure natural protection, more skin-friendly and silky. True double knit, skin-friendly softness. The nodal points of Nylon Yarn are connected, stronger and less deformed. Air permeability and water absorption upgrade. By adding the bleaching of hydrogen peroxide, it can remove impurities from Nylon Yarn and act as a disinfectant to make the cloth more white. This Nylon Yarn can be printed in the deep processing, more a variety of patterns can be selected.