After Epidemic ,the Situation Of Meltblown Nonwoven Market

Application of air purification

Melt blown non-woven fabric industry development trend analysis, used in air purifier, as a sub efficient and efficient air filter, and for large flow rate of coarse and medium efficiency air filtration.

It has the advantages of small resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, stable efficiency, long service life and low price. There is no short fiber phenomenon of filter material falling off in the purified gas.

Application in medical and health field

It is widely used in hospitals, food processing, mines and other workplaces that need dust and bacteria prevention.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic film made by special treatment has good air permeability, non-toxic side effects and easy to use. SMS products compounded with spunbonded fabric are widely used in the production of surgical clothes, hats and other health products.