Application Of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn In Life

Application of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn in life

Because the pigment dyeing of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn has many excellent properties, it is in the high performance fiber market, including from offshore oil field of mooring rope to high performance lightweight composite materials are showing great advantage, in the modern war and areas such as aviation, aerospace, maritime defense equipment plays a vital role.

1. The pigment dyeing of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn can make coal, limestone, cement, mineral powder, salt, corn, and so on powdery file trailers, silo and chute liner, because it has excellent self-lubrication, not sticky, can make the powder of the above documents for storage and transportation facilities without adhesion, ensuring stable sponsor.

2. Pigment dyeing of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn used for sand flow such as liquid sponsor pipelines, compared with other pipe outstanding performance at: the 18 times higher compared with the bamboo tubes full, interest rates fall to 1/25, compared with nylon tube taking 3 times, interest rates fall to 1/8. At the time of recommendation, the inner barrier is 25% smaller than the non-metal pipe, which greatly increases the frequency of the recommendation.

3. In the chute, bucket and ore compartment lining and so on, using traditional nonmetallic file, in cold damp weather, items will thaw on non-metallic, and plank will never adopt molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe), which greatly narrowed the landed cost. After a layer of high molecular polyethylene sheet is lined with the self-discharging of the bulk carrier, it is reduced from 16 ~ 20h to 8h.

4. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn In terms of national defense military equipment, because of its impact resistance performance is good, is greater than the energy absorption, the military can be made into protective cloth, helmets and bulletproof material, such as helicopters, tanks and ships armor plate, radar protection shell cover, the missile shield, body armor, extra clothes, shields, parachute, etc.

5. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn In space engineering, due to its high light weight and high impact resistance, it is suitable for the wingtip structure, spacecraft structure and buoy aircraft of various aircraft. It could also be used as a deceleration parachute for the shuttle landing and a rope suspended from the aircraft, replacing the traditional steel cable and synthetic fiber ropes, which are developing rapidly.

6. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn In the civil field, the rope, cable, sails and fishing gear made in the civil field are suitable for Marine engineering, and the fracture length of the weight is eight times that of the steel rope, and twice the length of the aramid. The rope is used for super tanker, Marine platform, such as a beacon of anchor rope, solved the previous use of steel cable corrosion, polyester and nylon rope of corrosion, such as hydrolysis, ultraviolet degradation caused the decrease of strength of the cable and rupture, often need to be replaced.

7. Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn In industrial application, it can be used as pressure vessel, conveyor belt, filter material, automobile cushion plate, etc. The construction can be used as the wall, the partition structure, etc., using it as reinforced cement composite material can improve the toughness of cement and improve its impact resistance. Due to its excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry, can produce all kinds of gear, CAM, impeller, roller, pulley, bearings, bearings, bushings, cutting shaft, gasket, seal, flexible coupling, screws and other mechanical parts.