Bosideng: Want To Be The Best Of China's Down Jacket

Mount Everest

Gao dekang, chairman and President of bosideng group, said he hoped bosideng would become the "huawei" of Chinese down jacket brands in the future. Born in 1976, this domestic down jacket brand has been focusing on the r&d, design and production of down jackets for 43 years. From 1995 to 2018, bosideng has been the top seller of down jackets in China for 24 consecutive years. In 1998, bosideng's down jacket went to the north and south poles with the Chinese scientific expedition team, and climbed to the top of mount Everest with the Chinese scientific expedition team in the same year.

"May 24, 1998, is a date to be remembered forever in the history of bosideng." Gao dekang in recent "ascend peak" series press conference recalls again. That is the Chinese mountaineering team members "China bosideng mountaineering team" team flag and engraved "bosideng ranks first in China, challenge the world famous brand" metal plate fixed on the Everest one day, also from that moment, the achievement of bosideng 24 years of national sales first brilliant achievement.

It is worth mentioning that ren zhengfei also once said that huawei's dream is to climb mount Everest. "Huawei is striving to achieve the goal of being technologically very advanced and providing the most sophisticated services for humans."

"Bosideng and huawei are both domestic brands, leading in their respective industries, with broad international visibility, and both attach great importance to independent research and development." Industry insiders pointed out.

Xia boyu, winner of the laureus world sports award, agrees. He comments on the "dengfeng" series of products launched by bosideng: "the" dengfeng "series integrates bosideng as the leader in the industry and achieves the top matching of the industry with the cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of down jackets."

According to the introduction, the "climbing peak" series of down jackets are made by 489 working procedures using goose down of 43° north latitude, gore-tex fabric and aerospace nano-thermal insulation materials, using advanced technology and scientific technology such as honeycomb three-dimensional filling, waterproof glue treatment and RECCO life detector.

Not only the "climbing peak" series can withstand the test, bosideng production of every down jacket can pass the three extreme tests: 24 hours - 30°C extreme cold test, 15,000-20,000 friction test, 10,000 zipper pull down test. The normal down jacket has an entry level level of 480+, while bosideng can reach 800+. At the same time, bosideng down jacket wool content has been increased to 90%, higher than the national standard. "In the future, bosideng will go up in product quality, design and marketing," he says.