China Textile Association Autumn Exhibition

The exhibition area of pavilion 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2 and 8.1 is more than 200,000 square meters, and nearly 3,500 leading textile and accessories exhibitors from 20 countries and regions are all present.

Exhibition area is divided into classical dress fabrics, fashion women's clothing fabrics, casual fabrics, functional sportswear fabrics, shirt fabrics, underwear, swimwear fabric, baby children's clothing fabrics, more vigor denim fabric, accessories horizon exhibition, products and textiles face color trends, such as special area of sustainable development, will be the responsibility of the scientific and technological achievements, fashion products and lead the future development ideas.

China international clothing fair (fall 2020) exhibition area of 52000 square meters, gathered fashion men's clothing, the most beautiful women's clothing, fashion customization, ODM smart, originality PiYu, brilliant children's clothing, the design strength, cowboy world, fashion accessories, bags, shoes, link to the future, 11 - tide brand exhibition, exhibition and exhibition certainly in national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai) 2.1 pavilion, pavilion and north pavilion 3, a strong return, sheer change.

The exhibition area of China International Textile and Yarn (Autumn and Winter) 2020 reaches 26,500 square meters, occupying the whole 8.2 pavilion. From six countries and regions of 419 high quality fiber yarn enterprises exhibitors, the exhibition scene area is divided into: reflect design fusion "creative fancy yarn area", show costly classic "luxurious cashmere yarn exhibition", collection of famous quality products "" quality yarn show, show environmental protection science and technology" popular cotton area, to build miaomiao "functional chemical fiber area of life," green grass lawn area, drainage of fashion culture and overseas yarn exhibition.

China International Knitting expo 2020 (Autumn/Winter) gathers nearly 200 leading enterprises in the industry. The optimization of comprehensive exhibition partitions, with knit/wool/cashmere home exhibition galleries, underwear, China hosiery rejuvenation pavilion, knitting leisure sports apparel exhibition, functional textiles exhibition display each product category, more with the PH Value "puyuan cup" contest displays, functional knitted products popular trend, China knitting industry association, vice President of unit style area, such as China hosiery rejuvenation pavilion features galleries, variety show.

The live events were wonderful

The Exhibition of Intertextile autumn/winter accessories will present more than 40 exciting concurrent events. Intertextile fashion zone and China Textile Fabric Fashion Zone will show the fashion trend of 2020/2022 autumn/winter fabric respectively. Product launches, seminars and panel meetings will bring together industry participants to share knowledge and insights; "Super Buyers Forum" heat upgrade to discuss the new context of supply chain in the era of great change. The "Intertextile Super Buyer Group" continues the heat of the Greater Bay Area and brings together buyers from well-known domestic brands to visit and negotiate with them.

At the same time, the exhibition series online services will not only to broadcast live events, also opened a online business docking, currently attracted from Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey, Sweden, more than 10 countries and regions such as north Macedonia professional buyers to participate in.

CHIC2020(autumn) will bring more activities that shock the industry and enhance the brand function to Shanghai: CHIC TALK Business Forum, CHIC TALK Business Forum, "sustainable Fashion Practitioner 2020" series activities, CHIC video broadcast, "Looking for PANDAHO" punching in, denim art exhibition, CHIC Lecture hall... Nearly 70 activities cover the development of the fashion industry. CHIC2020(autumn) is the CHIC2020 scene with numerous elements including trend, environmental protection, art, big IP and creativity, which is the accomplishment of CHIC Feast in 2020.

2020Yarnexpo Autumn and winter yarn exhibition in addition to the full range of high-quality fiber yarn exhibits, there are also rich and colorful activities. Including: China knitting fancy yarn trend, China fiber Fashion Trend theme exhibition area, Green Fiber Logo certification theme exhibition area, enterprise new product launch/show, fiber New Vision -- Textile Material Innovation Forum and live show? Online "visit" yarn, etc., fully show the source of textile industry full of vitality and vitality.

The "9+1" multi-dimensional mode will be launched in the 2020 PH Value Autumn/winter Knitting Expo Forum: Nine events, Namely datang socks art gallery opening ceremony and 2021/22 Chinese socks trend release, PEARL fashion technology and the hometown of lu xun art and practice of BBS and PEARL PEARL is Cool Cool sense technology fabrics spring/summer 2021 show, China knitting industry development BBS fancy yarn, 2020 puyuan fashion industry promotion and puyuan brand release show, China knitting designer communication meeting, "puyuan cup" PH The 5th Final and award ceremony of Value China Knitting Designer Competition and the 6th launching ceremony, Henan Huaibin Textile and Garment Industry Promotion Conference, the final and Award Ceremony of "Li Ning Cup" China Fashion Sportswear Design Competition; One trend, namely the functional knitting product fashion trend show. A number of high-quality wonderful activities will be staged during the exhibition.