Clothing Industry Supply Chain Three Major Issues In The Field

Garment industry is one of the most internationally competitive industries in China, but unfortunately it's not clothing industry's leading advanced management techniques and patterns, but cheap labor and cheap resources. The low success rate of informatization construction in the industry, coupled with complex business characteristics of the apparel industry itself, so daunting software manufacturers at home and abroad, the Informationization construction of the trade has been difficult.

In recent years, market-survival of the fittest, the integration of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, some clothing enterprises continue to grow, management has improved. Especially second generation entrepreneurs in recent years gradually take over the enterprise, these highly educated business owners, their own information tools fairly high level, importance of natural transformation of enterprises using information tools, far more than the entrepreneur.

However, focused on the apparel industry information construction of the slow development of the professional manufacturers for a variety of reasons, weak, short development time, especially for key industry application, the products are basically not comprehensive coverage, only part of the solution to these problems, it is difficult to make improvement of enterprises ' informatization construction in nature. This paper will focus on some of the key applications in the field of supply chain issues and information problems in the apparel industry are explained.