Defect Analysis Of PET Yarn During Processing

Defect Analysis of PET Yarn during Processing
     PET Yarn feel is a rope, in fact, he is a plastic products, but any plastic, it is facing a problem, the production of art is more complex, prone to defects. PET Yarn is the main effect of "tied" word, so its functionality is greater than the aesthetics, but these process defects or worth noting. In the transparent plastic PET Yarn, the most common defect is the crayon, how is this kind of crazing produced?
In the process of filling and condensation, the internal stress anisotropy affects the stress in the vertical direction, causes the resin to flow on the orientation, and the non-flow orientation produces a different refractive index, Product crack. If careful observation, some batches of PET Yarn will appear subtle bubbles, is due to the water within the resin row does not go out, the condensation process will form a vacuum bubble. In addition, the surface gloss will also be affected, mainly due to the roughness of the mold, on the other hand condensation too early, so that the resin can not copy the surface of the mold surface, all of which make the surface of cattle slightly uneven, leaving the product lost luster.
In fact, as long as the full dry, the amount of raw materials to control the precise, transparent plastic PET Yarn can avoid defects, as long as the process is mature enough to get the product quality is guaranteed.
PET Yarn widely used, many users of PET Yarn bundling method is not very familiar with the following for you a brief introduction.
1, will bend the left end of the strap, insert the packing buckle, after the left side of the fixed rod into the packing belt tension.
2, the right hand holding the tape around the package, the right side of the package with a bent into the packing buckle, the left side of the fixed rod into the packing belt.
3, left hand fixed packing buckle, right hand hold down the right side of the strapping force will pack buckle tight.
4, the last scissors will be tied with a cut.
 We know that with the continuous increase in technology, PET Yarn special production technology continues to increase, PET Yarn quality is also improving, and today we have to carefully understand about it
First, PET Yarn body super light, you can reduce some of the resistance when bundling, reduce the difficulty of bundling. Second, the color changeable, brilliant colors, an increase of the appearance of PET Yarn beauty, to adapt to the modern people's preferences of beautiful things, a variety of colors. Third, strong acid and alkali resistance, super strong acid and alkali properties, so we do not have to worry about bundled products will be due to prolonged placement caused by PET Yarn damage, which led to the protection of things deterioration or something else Variety. Fourth, that is, its scope of application is very extensive.
   In fact, there is one point, PET Yarn environmentally friendly, to adapt to the modern concept of consumption, in the process of manufacturing PET Yarn will be some harmful substances out, effectively guarantee the quality of the product, non-toxic, tasteless.
PET Yarn is a kind of packaging rope that people often use. With the continuous improvement of living standard, we began to abandon the use of grass, linen, paper, rope to bundle items, and thus gradually produced PET Yarn to help us bundle items The But PET Yarn is not perfect, it also has shortcomings also need to pay attention to the place.
So today we come to understand the quality of PET Yarn.
 First of all, we come to understand the production of PET Yarn.
PET Yarn production in the film to export the thickness of the mouth to adjust the uniformity of the points to set the temperature to be accurate, the temperature is not enough, the raw materials can not melt all easy to produce particles, heating overheating, raw materials will be alienated,
Before and after the introduction of the wheel speed than to be accurate, the speed ratio is too low, the tape is not strong, the speed is too high, the extension ratio is not enough, so the speed than to be accurate.
Cooling the throttle to be appropriate, the damper open too easy to cause instability of the membrane jitter, the throttle is too small cooling strength is not enough, the film is easy to produce wrinkles. Take the left and right swing to smooth, take the end of the belt to be flat and dense.