Discussion On The Development Of Fancy Yarn

Fancy yarn includes color yarn and fancy yarn types. Both yarns are developing fast in recent years, and expanded.
Flower color is made by mixing fibers in different colors through a variety of methods to flower color different Outlook and also different color absorption properties of fibers can be dyed the yarn color or multicolor effects. Includes: AB and spinning yarns. Colored cotton spinning was developed in the 1950 of the 20th century new technology of dyed yarn, 70 medium-length fiber development has colored fibers, yarn used extensively for the production. AB is 2 pieces of different colors of yarn roving feed people at draft zone spun out of different colors of yarn. This appearance like 2 pieces of different coloured yarns plied yarn into strands, can also be used with 2 different dyeing properties of woolen spinning through dyeing show AB effect. Present yarn which has AB slub yarn.