Do You Really Know The Pure Cotton PET Yarn?

Do you really know the pure cotton PET Yarn?

Made of double PET Yarn, 100% cotton, soft and skin-friendly, the little sister's original saying: "feel like you're sleeping on a cloud!"

PET Yarn is soft and breathable, especially suitable for summer, and spring and autumn are very comfortable. PET Yarn are woven fabrics with low densities and more breathable than plain cotton fabrics.

With its soft texture and natural unstimulating properties, PET Yarn are used to treat and bind wounds in the medical field. Many baby products, such as diapers, saliva towels, children's bath towels and children's handkerchiefs, are also made from PET Yarn.

In Japan, people use double - layer fabric to make bedroom home textile products, so that people can enjoy baby care when they sleep. The PET Yarn also has a special advantage. This sweltering day, as a person who refuses to air conditioning, small make up the double layer gauze of pink is not frowzy, quite relaxed.

Pure cotton (long-staple cotton) PET Yarn bath towel, towel will wash more and more soft, water absorbing capacity is also very good, the water can be said to be the second suction, after and the water is soft, more wash more soft, used to make their children's faces special peace of mind.

Suction good twist so baby out of the shower can quickly dry the body, prevent a cold, very soft fabric, PET Yarn material towels baby tender skin, be sure to don't hurt the baby skin, soft baby every time washing a face crying, perhaps is coarse towel to let the baby skin hurt, mothers must pay attention to oh ~

In the production process, the PET Yarn of fabric is the softest and comfortable to use in the washing process (a more complicated part of the fabric production process). The bath towel that the PET Yarn is made of, the towel is soft not only feels, still can feel like the skin of the baby is soft. Choose high-quality long-staple cotton, adopt the compound spinning technology, make the soft comb cotton yarn, not only can maintain the long time soft skin-friendly skin, can absorb water speed dry.

Six layers of PET Yarn cross the knitting method, along with the wash wrinkle process, make the fabric more fluffy and pliable. All the products that touch baby's skin, safety is very important, PET Yarn texture bath towel, the square towel chooses from xinjiang long staple cotton, baby USES safety, treasure mama bao father can be assured ~

With the widespread popularity of pigment printing, PET Yarn how can we differentiate a printed PET Yarn from the printing process or the active printing? The article introduces several identification methods for reference.

Look at color: pigment printing is not as bright as reactive dyes, PET Yarn color is darker, give people a color is floating on the cloth.

See some luster: pigment printed fabrics should pass "calender" before they go out working procedure, to cover the cloth cover the disadvantage of not smooth, so everybody if you see the cloth cover have a deep feeling, that is likely to be pigment printing. This kind of finish, which is obtained by rolling light, is disposable and will disappear after washing.

Smell: the pigment printing processing will use a large amount of adhesive, PET Yarn and it will not be washed and processed directly, so there will be a taste in the finished fabric.

Touch touch: although now feel very excellent adhesive used for pigment printing process, PET Yarn but by touching and feeling can find carefully, pigment printing and reactive printing or differences between handle style.