Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn Advantages

Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn Advantages
      Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is the line required for knitted garment products. PBT DTY yarns can be classified into natural fiber coatings by raw materials. PBT DTY yarns, synthetic fiber coatings PBT DTY yarns and mixed coatings Dyeing PBT DTY Yarn three categories. With the development of polyester industry, Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn with pure polyester fiber as its raw materials more and more.
      Polyester fiber is a high quality synthetic fiber, used to produce high strength suture, in all kinds of sutures second only to the nylon line, ranking second, and wet state will not reduce the strength. Its shrinkage rate is very small, after the appropriate shape after the shrinkage of less than 1%, so the sewing stitch can always maintain a pretty flat, no shrinkage, wear resistance after the nylon, moisture regain low, a good high temperature , Low temperature resistance, light resistance and water resistance. So, the Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is used in a wide variety of varieties, in many occasions, replacing the cotton coating PBT DTY yarn.
      Dyeing PBT DTY yarns are widely used and can be used for sewing garments of cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics. They can also be used for sewing knitted garments, specially coated PBT DTY yarns or fine lines for footwear and leather industry.
  PBT DTY yarn used in dyeing people know that in the sewing will generally produce friction resistance, the following professional manufacturers to teach you to reduce the paint stain PBT DTY yarn frictional resistance method.
      Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is widely used in the sealing package of various kinds of bags because of its strong tensile strength, weathering resistance and corrosion resistance, but it will inevitably produce friction resistance in sewing. In this case, the sizing process can be carried out on the suture line, and the treated sewn wire will be improved in strength and abrasion resistance, and the friction resistance during sewing can be reduced.
A lot of people on the Internet search paint stain PBT DTY yarn factory, where the paint stain PBT DTY yarn okay? In fact, this is our line of wire collectively; such as Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn factory, but we are looking for Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn manufacturers, but now there are many special lines such as: transparent line, cored wire, luminous line And so are called Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn, and some customers will speak transparent Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn, core coating PBT DTY yarn, etc., these product names will be different for each place.
    We are no matter how to call, the product varieties are the same, but each factory to produce the product quality is not the same, so we buy paint PBT DTY yarn when the time to pay attention to the following points, the first: line Is made of what made the material. Second: in the line when the line produced more than a few joints. Third: the line of tension, can we achieve the desired effect, the fourth: the color is not allowed. Fifth: the line dry is not dry, (if the line will be easy to wet mold) sixth: twist good or bad. Seventh: how is the degree of lubrication? Eighth: whether to achieve the quality of our detection. And so we have to think about these issues, there are generally many plants will pay attention to these details, but some factories in order to reduce costs, or want to increase production, often overlooked these details.
 Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn production is a traditional sewing product industry in the manufacturing industry for the production of PBT DTY yarns for the production of the bottom of the entry threshold, so more familiar with the Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn products into the production Industry, the most basic Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn production are generally based on molding, equipment investment is simple, easy to family production, a certain size of the enterprise, may increase the dyeing workshop, but these are a paint stain PBT DTY yarn production industry in the non-standard enterprises, the overall scale of paint in China PBT DTY yarn production enterprises not much, most of the laws of enterprise survival are at low prices to gain the advantage of the market, or lack The less the way to get the order, all of which is not standing on the development prospects of the enterprise to consider, nor is it a win-win situation with customers to think.