Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn What Are The Advantages When Using It?

Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is an important raw material in the production of fishing nets. To ensure the durability of the fishing net, it is necessary to strictly check the choice of raw materials. What is the advantage of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn produced by Changlong Plastic Products Factory? Here we come to a section of the analysis.
Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is usually twisted from monofilament. With a high strength, good softness of the quality, light weight moisture is very small, widely used to produce all kinds of hand network, a purse seine, set the net and rope.
Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is known for its earliest use in fisheries, known for its high rupture strength and elasticity, and is used to make large trawls, fencing, gill nets, fishing lines and ropes.
Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn's surface is smooth, water and abrasion resistance and other fishing performance, and more for large fence materials.
This widely used Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn has a wide range of market demand, and better quality products will naturally be favored by customers. We are committed to Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn product quality of the continuous update and research and development, I believe will continue to bring customers the most appropriate products.
There are many different materials for Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn. We may not be familiar with the lines, but people living on the river are familiar with these gears. Dark green fishing nets most often appear in the river, such as compiled into the fishing net of the fishing line of raw materials which specific, today for everyone to introduce.
Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn What is the main ingredient of the raw material, the material is too complicated, and some Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn cut, there are hundreds of synthetic fibers. We often say that the nylon material of the fishing line, and cotton, linen, and even metal materials containing metal wire which. Such as synthetic fiber, hemp, cotton and so on.
Now the weather is getting cooler and the air is getting dryer, and this season change is a test of Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn because it's easy to make the rope dry.
For this fall Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn problem, Xiaobian can give a few good suggestions, when the nylon rope surface wear, fiber broken wire or resin off, it is necessary to brush protection resin, brushing before soft Brush with detergent gently brushing the brushing parts, go out to the oil and other debris, dry and carefully after finishing broken wire parts, will break straight, as a broken wire, the wire will not be into the inner layer after brushing Protect the Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn fiber, want to rope long life, usually also pay attention to maintenance, try to avoid exposure, acid and alkali corrosion, the rope needs regular cleaning, clean on the ground after the dry, the use of the process should also pay attention to avoid hard hit hurt.
Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is a kind of greenhouse accessories, in the whole greenhouse construction has a core position, choose a good rope can make the shed maintenance rate is greatly reduced.
Greenhouse construction will use a lot of parts, such as sheds, shed joints, sheds, sheds, etc., but Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn quality is very good or bad, should be his main role is Used to fix the greenhouse film, fixed film will ensure the tightness of the greenhouse. High-quality Dope Dyed PBT DTY Yarn is not easy to damage the film, while not damaging the film can also be fixed very tight, the rope is usually buried through the pile of soil, can also be directly tied with a brick buried in the soil, When embedding the cable must be strong to prevent some fall off, to ensure the normal use of greenhouses.