Due To Oil Price, The Fiber Price Is Changing.

First, from the perspective of the fabric market

The composite fabric price index closed at 98.98 points, up 0.15 points from the previous session. International oil prices rose sharply, polyester raw materials rise significantly, fabric prices rose slightly.

Second, from the perspective of the raw material market

Chemical fibers edged up to close at 100.06, up 0.3 points from the previous session.

New York Crude for December delivery was up $1.07 at $41.36 a barrel. Brent January futures were up $1.21 at $43.61 a barrel. China SC crude oil futures 2101, the mainstay, rose 13.7 yuan to 256.9 yuan per barrel. PX in Asia rose 10.5 to 509.33FOB South Korea and 527.33CFR China. European PX rose $12 to 477FOB Rotterdam. At present, FDY 50D/72F is quoted at about 6,900 yuan/ton, international oil price continues to rise, PTA price follows the rise, weaving enterprise operating rate is stable at 8-90%, polyester production and sales continue the hot market, coVID-19 vaccine continues the good news, polyester filament yarn price may continue to rise in the future.