Export Orders Continue To Grow

First, the overseas market continues to push up, the foreign trade prosperity index rises quarter-on-quarter

In October, the prosperity index of foreign trade textile enterprises in Keqiao District of Shaoxing city rose month-on-month. In October, keqiao textile industry in the stable development of domestic trade, foreign trade once again "rise against the market". Among them: the daily home textile fabric foreign trade prosperity index rose 77.88% month-on-month, curtain and curtain foreign trade prosperity index rose 86.85% month-on-month, dip, coating, coating textile goods foreign trade prosperity index rose 72.60% month-on-month, driving the foreign trade prosperity index rise month-on-month.

Second, the price of export products increased month-on-month, the foreign trade price index rose month-on-month

October, foreign trade price index shows month-on-month rise trend. Among them: cotton and its blended fabric category foreign trade price index rose 0.56% month-on-month; The foreign trade price index of daily home textile fabrics rose 0.78% month-on-month; Curtain and curtain category foreign trade price index rose 1.56% month-on-month; Pull trade total price index rises month-on-month.

1. The bargaining power of suppliers began to improve, and the export price index rose month-on-month. Due to the severity of the epidemic in India and the inability to guarantee smooth delivery, a large number of Indian textile orders have been transferred to China, and both home textile and clothing orders have increased. The market improved, raw materials rose considerably, and in the face of a wave of rapid appreciation of RMB, the bargaining power of suppliers began to improve. Keqiao district textile and garment enterprises have become more refined, larger, stronger main business, most of the current model enterprises are busy increasing varieties, improve quality, create brand. Foreign trade orders for innovative products increased, pushing up the export price index month-on-month in October.

2. The market accelerated its recovery, and the export price index rose month-on-month. From the beginning of October, foreign trade orders began to soar. Export enterprises mainly producing knitted fabrics increased their external orders, such as fleece, lamb fleece, flannel and sweaters. Additional orders are placed in Europe and the United States, as well as Japan and South Korea. This year, due to the outbreak, exports fell sharply before September, but by October export orders had recovered to 70% of the previous year. Market speed back to temperature, export price index month-on-month rise.

3. The factory was running at full capacity, and the export price index rose month-on-month. In October, the upward momentum of the market was very clear. Customer order frequency is high and the order volume is large, part of the model export spinning enterprise order production has been scheduled to the end of December this year. A fleece fabric produced by an export spinning enterprise in Keqiao was not intended to be the main product according to the market. It became hot style in October, and demand exceeded supply. In October, the shipment volume increased by more than 60% year on year. The export price index rose month-on-month.

Third, the next foreign trade index forecast

For the export situation in November 2020, it is expected that textile and garment exports will show a small increase in month-on-month trend. Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, China has made significant progress in epidemic prevention and control, and its macro economy has taken the lead in recovery. Various policies, including state-assisted enterprise rescue, "six stability" and "six insurance" policies, continue to show their effects. They will further improve the business environment, reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of market players, and bring the textile industry back to the normal track of economic operation. Keqiao textile industry continues to ride the wind, on the one hand, insight into the market demand under the "double cycle", expand more domestic demand and foreign trade market, increase the supply side, do a good job in product and technical innovation; On the other hand, the key is to strengthen the industrial chain effect and maintain the comprehensive competitive advantage of the textile industry. In November, it is expected that foreign trade orders will continue to increase compared with the previous month. The demand of Countries in East Asia, West Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas will continue to recover. The demand of countries such as South Africa and Brazil will continue to recover.