Fiber Application In Marine Economy

Fiber application in Marine economy


19th CPC National Congress 

"Insist on land and sea pooling, speed up the building of a maritime power",

To show our country's unswerving efforts to improve the development of Marine resources,

Developing the Marine economy and protecting the Marine environment.

Now let’s see the application of fiber.



First, Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber


It is light and thin and can float in water (only 0.97g/cm3 density)

Hard as steel, 15 times stronger than steel

Excellent weathering resistance and uv resistance

After 1500h of sun exposure, the strength of fiber remains as high as 80%.

The strongest wear-resisting bending resistance and tension fatigue

Outstanding shock resistance and anti-cutting toughness

A super high molecular weight polyethylene fiber with a quarter of its hair.

It's hard to cut with scissors.

It is the best material for making Marine cables,

The fracture length of the self - weight is 8 times that of the steel rope.

And the weight is much less,

The corrosion, hydrolysis and ultraviolet degradation are solved

The problem that causes the cable strength to decrease and fracture.

It is mainly used for

Make rope line, ocean fishing net, fishing line, etc.




Second The carbon fiber

Carbon fiber, known as "velvet glove"

It is a high strength, high modulus of carbon content over 90%

New reinforced fibre

The quality is lighter than metal aluminum, but stronger than steel

It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus.




Third Aramid

Aramid III is known as "the fighter in the aramid fiber."

In the manufacture of high quality hull structure

With a huge advantage,

Aramid in hull lightweight material resin and invasive better,

The composite material produced can significantly reduce the weight of the boat,

You can get a higher payload under the same dynamic,

And save fuel and reduce costs.





Fourth Polyimide fiber has several properties:

Maintaining the stability of the fiber in a wide temperature range,

Polyimide fiber has natural antibacterial properties and non-toxic,

The antibacterial rate of staphylococcus aureus was 71% and the inhibition rate of escherichia coli was 76%.

Excellent flame retardancy;

Good chemical stability;

Good weather resistance and uv resistance.